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Chinese Government scholarship

 บริษัท เอเซียเอดูเคชั่นเซนเตอร์ จำกัด  ขอประชาสัมพันธ์ทุนรัฐบาลจีน     


The Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) scheme was established by the Ministry of Education of China (hereinafter referred to as MOE) in accordance with educational exchange agreements or understandings reached between the Chinese government and the governments of other countries, educational organizations, institutions and relevant international organizations to provide full scholarships to international students and scholars. This scholarship was found by the MOE for the purpose of developing the communication and cooperation between China and other countries in the fields of education, cultural exchanges, economics, science and technology, to strengthen the friendship and understanding between the Chinese people and the people of all other countries, and to promote world peace and the drive for modernization in China.

The China Scholarship Council (hereinafter referred to as CSC) administers the routine management of the Chinese Government Scholarship scheme. For the details about CSC, please visit its website at

CGS has been set up at Sichuan University, a key university in China, which is set to recruit foreign students to be supported by this scholarship. International students who are interested in studying at Sichuan University for Master’s or Doctoral Degree can now apply for this scholarship through Sichuan University.

Sichuan University is one of the national key universities, directly under the State Ministry of Education (MOE).  It was first incorporated with Chengdu University of Science and Technology, another national key university under the MOE, in 1994.  Then, in 2000, Sichuan University incorporated West China University of Medical Science, a key university directly subordinated to the State Ministry of Health. Sichuan University enjoys a long history, glorious traditions and a firm strength in operation. It has the widest coverage of disciplines and the largest scale of operation in West China. It has 27 national first leveled disciplines which grant Doctoral and Master’s degrees, 213 national second leveled disciplines to grant Doctoral degrees, 330 Master’s programs, 8 specialized degree programs, and 26 post-doctoral stations. These Master’s and Doctoral programs cover major fields in the liberal arts, sciences, engineering, medicine, and agriculture. Sichuan University has a current student population of more than seventy-thousand.


The CGS at Sichuan University

1.       This program contains two schooling systems:

-    Master’s degree Program: 3 years;

-    Doctoral degree Program: 3-4 years.

2.       This program provides full scholarships to international students who are accepted by Sichuan University as master’s or doctoral degree students, which will cover:

-  REGISTRATION FEE: the registration fee for the CGS students will be paid directly from MOE to Sichuan University.

-  TUITION: the tuition for the CGS students will be paid directly from MOE to Sichuan University.

-  BASIC TEXTBOOK FEE: the basic textbook fee paid by the CGS students will be reimbursed at Sichuan University.

-  HOUSING: housing will only be paid by MOE to Sichuan University for the CGS students who live in on-campus housing.

-  COST OF LIVING: the cost of living will be paid by cash to students every month at Sichuan University.

-  MEDICAL INSURANCE: medical insurance will be paid directly from MOU to the medical insurance company.


Admissions Information

Degree programs For CGS students at Sichuan University

The Sichuan University has over 350 Master’s & Doctoral degree programs which cover the major fields in liberal arts, sciences, engineering, medicine, and agriculture. For some of these programs, please check Partial Programs for Master’s or Doctoral Degrees at the end of this flyer. Students can also apply to other programs they are interested in. In this case, please contact Miss Mi Duo Ji by telephone at +86-28-85501780, fax at +86-28-85405773, or e-mail at

Eligibility and Academic Requirements

To qualify for admission to master’s degree, applicants must provide:

-  A photocopy of their Diploma of Bachelor’s Degree and its notarized version in Chinese or English;

-  An official transcript of undergraduate study in Chinese or English;

-  Two letters of Recommendation in Chinese or English: students are requested to submit two letters of professional reference from scholars of associate professorship or higher;

-  Physical examination record and original reports of blood tests in Chinese or English.

To qualify for admission to doctoral program, applicants must provide:

-  A photocopy of their Diploma of Master’s Degree and its notarized version in Chinese or English;

-  An official transcript of the study for Master’s Degree in Chinese or English;

-  Two letters of Recommendation in Chinese or English: students are requested to submit two letters of professional reference from scholars of associate professorship or higher;

-  Physical examination record and original reports of blood tests in Chinese or English.


Our Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee will carefully examine all parts of the application. The committee reads all files thoroughly and considers each application on an individual basis. All committee decisions are final. Interviews will be conducted at our discretion. We will contact the applicant if the Admissions Committee feels that an interview is necessary.



Application Procedure

Step 1: Fill in the APPLICATION FORM FOR CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP in Chinese or English. If you don’t have this application form, you can download it from the following website and fill in the form in Chinese or English.

l         Download the APPLICATION FORM FOR CHINESE GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP from the website at


Important! For “Preferences of Institutions of Higher Education in China” under item 5 “Proposed Study in China” of the application form, please fill Sichuan University only.



Step 2: Visit your doctor with the PHSYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER and do the physical examinations. Then ask your doctor to finish the form in Chinese or English. If you don’t have this form, you can download it from the following website.

l         Download the PHSYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER from the website at


Important! Please keep one copy of PHSYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER to apply for your visa to China and send one copy to Sichuan University, together with the original reports of your blood tests. If you have only one copy, please send a photocopy to Sichuan University and keep the original one for visa application and then bring them to China when you come to register as a student at this university.



Step 3: Prepare the other required documents including:

l         A photocopy of Diploma of your most advanced study and its notarized version in Chinese or English;

l         An official transcript of your most advanced study in Chinese or English;

l         Two academic recommendation letters in Chinese or English from scholars of associate professorship or higher;

l         A copy of the passport (the page with photograph)


Important! The photocopy of diploma should be provided together with a notarized version. If the original document is not in Chinese or in English, a translated and notarized version is required in Chinese or English.



Step 4: Send all the above documents to the following coordinator at the following address:

Miss Mi Duo Ji

Overseas Student Office, Sichuan University

29 Wangjianlu

Chengdu 610064 P. R. China

Application deadline: December 31, 2009.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Mi Duo Ji by telephone at +86-28-85501780, by fax at +86-28-85405773, or by e-mail at




Partial Programs of Master’s or Doctor’s Degree




Study Fields

Social Science innovative Base for Cultural Heritage and Culture Interaction 

Literary Theory

Classic Chinese Literary Theory

Culture and Literary Theory

Comparative Literature and World Literature

Comparative Literature and Comparative Poetry

Culture Criticism

Culture Studies

Literary Theory of Broadcast TV and Film Literature

Aesthetics of Broadcast TV and Film Literature

The innovative Platform of Religious and Social science Research

Religious Studies

Chinese Daoism

Chinese Buddhism

 Theory on Religion and Modern Religious

The innovative Base of South Asian and Chinese Tibetan Region

 Chinese Philosophy

History of Chinese Philosophy

Confucian Philosophy

Daoism and Daoism Philosophy


Chinese Aesthetics and Chinese Aesthetics Culture

Chinese and Foreign Political System

Chinese Government and Politics

Local Governance and Institutional Analysis

The Innovative Platform for NanoBiomedical Technology and Membrane Biology

Biomedical Engineering

Cell Biomechanics

The Innovative Platform for Mathematical Theory and its Applications in Physics and the Advancement of Information Science

Basic Mathematics

Differential Geometry


Mathematics of Uncertainty

Processing of Uncertainty

Operations Research and Cybernetics

The Control Theory of Distributed Parameter Systems and Random System

The Innovative Platform for Biomedical Engineering and Technology

Material Science

Biomedical Materials

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Biomedical Materials

Inorganic Biomedical Materials

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Organizational Renewal and Regeneration of Biomedical Materials

Surface and Surface Modification of Biological Material

Biomechanics and Optimal Design for Implants

Inorganic Chemistry

Biological Inorganic Chemistry

Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Probe of Molecular Image

High Polymer Chemistry and Physics

Biomedical Polymer

Biomedical Engineering

Functional Polymer Materials / Drug Delivery Vector

Biological Materials / Molecular Imaging Probe

Biomedical Engineering

Organizational renewal and regeneration of Biomedical Materials

The Innovative Platform for Green Chemistry and Clean Technology

Green Chemistry

Green Synthetic Chemistry

Biomass Invert Chemistry

Green Chemicals and Green Processing Chemistry

Material Science

Nano-biology Medical Material

Germination Engineering

Technology of Enzymatic Appliance

Biomass Complex Utilization

Biomass Chemistry and Engineering

Theory of Biomass Chemistry and Transform

Wasted Biomass Transform into Resources

Chemic Technique

Resource Chemistry and Phosphorus Chemical Engineering

Rude High Polymer Chemistry; Polymer Chemistry Reshaping and Further Processing

Water Conservancy and Fluvial Dynamics

Plumber Water Conservancy

City Water Conservancy and Water Security

Urban Demand and Conservation of Water

Hinge Project of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectricity

Hinge Collocation of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectricity

Hydrology and Water Resources

Optimization of Programming and Managing of Water Resources

Environmental Hydrology and Conservation of Water Resources

Engineering Management of Hydroelectric Projects

Engineering Project Management

Leather Chemistry and program

Protein Chemistry and wealthy Using

Environmental Science

Environmental Analysis and Testing

Biomedical Engineering


The Innovative Platform for Science and Technology: Innovation of Southwest China’s Environment and Disaster Prevention Methods

Construction Engineering

Concrete PerformanceFailure Mechanism and


Architecture and Environment Institute / National Engineering Center for Flue Gas Desulphurization

Mechanical Question of New-style Materials

Chemical Engineering

Mass Transfer and asunder

Chemical Engineering Security Engineering and Technology

Characteristics and Detection of Medium Danger

Resources and Environment

Montane Resource Development and Environment

Environmental Science

Environmental Management and Public Policy

Zoology Investigation and Environmental Management

environmental favorable science

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Genetic Molecular Biology

Lipid Research


Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering

Organic Chemistry

Asymmetry Syntheses

Physical Chemistry

Catalyzed Chemistry

Molecular Simulation

The Innovative Platform for Biotherapy of Critical Diseases

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Research of Target Delivery  Pharmic System

Biochemistry and Molecular-biology

Proteomics / Molecular Mechanism of Viral Induced Oncogenesis


Research of Biology/Genetic Engineering Pharmacy


Regulation of Calcium Signal in Cardiac Cell

Pathology and Pathophysiology

Signal Transduction of Cardiac Hypertrophy

Biotherapy of Human Critical Diseases

The Hypertrophy Pathogenesis and Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases

Cell Biology

Research of Signal Transduction Pathways in Autoimmunity

The Innovative Platform for Disposal Technology of Complex Multidimensional Information


Information Optics

Optical Engineering

Three-dimensional Photoelectric Information Technology

The Detection and Disposal of Photoelectric Information

Communication and Information Systems

Wireless Communication and Electromagnetism Compatibility

Information Systems Security

Engineering Science of Information Security

Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

Theory and Technology of Electromagnetic Fields

Microwave Systems and Technology

Computer Science and Technology

Real-time Software Engineering

The Innovative Platform for Macromolecule and Specific Function Materials

Material Science

Theory and Technology of Macromolecule Material Forming

 Macromolecule Science and Engineering

Macromolecule Processing

 Material Physical and Chemistry

Di-electric Functional Material and Physics

Condensed Matter Physics

Electrical and  Information Engineering Material and  Physics of Devices

Material Science

Nanobiomedical materials

Application of New Technical Loading Material

 Nanomaterial and Nanotechnology

Nanofuctional material


Electrical material and devices

Material configuration and capability

Aqueous Macromolecule Material

Material Processing Engineering

The Theory and Application for the Forming and Processing of Macromolecule Material

Material Processing Engineering

The Relationship of Configuration and Capability for Macromolecule Material Forming

Macromolecule Science and Engineering

High-power and Functionality of Macromolecule Material

Composite Material

Highpowered Composite Material


Chinese Confucianism

History of Confucianism

Confucianism and Modern Society

Confucius Thought

Confucius Literature

 Confucius Culture

Modern Chinese History

Modern Chinese History

Classic Chinese History

Pre- Qin History

Wei Jin and South and North Dynasties History

Song History

Specialized History

Tibetan History

Chinese Regional and Urban Development

Chinese Cultural History

Historical Philosophy

Historical and Cultural Geography

Historical and Regional Geography

Local Record Studies

Archeology and Museology

Archeology from Han to Tang Dynasty

Fine Art Archeology

Southwest Archeology

Neolithic Archeology

Archeology of Religions


Development of Contemporary Tibet

Economic Development and Cultural Change of Southwest Ethnic Society

Fine Art

Chinese Painting

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Ethnic Minorities Art

Traditional Culture and Art of the Southwest

Tibetan Fine Art

Music of Ethnic Minorities in the Southwest

Dance of Ethnic Minorities in the Southwest

Buddhism Language and Literature

Buddhism Language

Buddhism Literature

Buddhism Literature

Religious Belief Culture

Chinese Modern Literature

History of Modern Chinese Literature

Theory on Modern Chinese Poetry

Modern Chinese Literature and Foreign Literature

Classic Chinese Literature

Literature of Pre-Qin and the Two Han Dynasties

Literature of Wei and Jin

Literature of Tang and Song Dynasties

Literature of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

Chinese Culture and Literature

Chinese Classic Philosophy

Chinese Classic Philosophy

Chinese Popular Culture Literature

Religious Literature

Dun Huang Literature

Chinese Language

Classic Chinese Language

Modern Chinese Language

Medieval and Modern Chinese Language

Chinese Dialectal Studies


Population and International Economy Law

International Trade

Theory and Practice on Transnational Management

Theory and Practice on International Trade

World Economy

Theory and Practice on International Finance

International Economic Cooperation and Business

Transnational Enterprise Management

Economics of South Asia

International Relations

International Economic Relations

Relations Between Major Countries

External Relations of South Asian Countries


Business Administration


Strategic Management




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